Camera Assistant aims to be an allround calculator for photographers & Cinematographers.
It currently has the following features:

* Depth of field calculator.
* Inverse Depth of field calculator. (Calculate what aperture you need for a given depth/distance & lens)
* Field of view calculator.
* Variants of the above, calculate distance to object or lens for a given field of view.
* Database of TV cameras, Motion picture cameras and Still photography cameras.

Screenshots: (v 0.1.0)
screenshot 1   screenshot 2

screenshot 3   screenshot 4

screenshot 5

* Check boundries for DoF. (i.e display something informative when focusing beyond the hyperfocal distance instead of "0".)
* Add filmlength calculator.
* Write documentation... hmm... So far the program is pretty simplistic, is there a need for it yet?
* Add online updatable database for cameras on sourceforge?!?
* Lots more... :) Suggestions are more than welcome!


- The field of view tab now also show angle of view, both horizontal & vertical.
- A new tab for filters, meant as a database for how much light different filters absorbs. (0.3 = 1 stop)

- This program should now actually be working! :)
- The increment/decrement using up/down arrows can now be configured.
- The configfile is no longer beeing overwritten at every startup, meaning that you can edit it to suit your needs, add more cameras and so on, the configfile is named "/home/root/Applications/ca/ca.xml", the configfile can also be restored to the default by pressing the "recreate configfile" button which is located on the "About" tab.
- Restructured the sourcecode quite a bit, smaller program, and alot more readable sourcecode.
- Camera database should now be correct for all cameras contained within. Data for more cameras are more than welcome! Mail me at zaurus@bredband.net with aperture size and a suitable circle of confusion value.

- Added support for Feet/Inches. You can change between feet/meters by using the menu button.

Version 0.2.0 from the sourceforge project page.

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